Join Dr. Sharmilee Jayachandran, Naturopathic Physician in this Free Live Workshop. Learn how to overcome fatigue and manage stress with simple, practical and effective strategies that you can implement right away.

Dr. Jayachandran has helped thousands of individuals and families regain health and wellness successfully in her practice.

When You Attend, You Will Learn...
  • The science of stress including how stress evolves and causes various health issues including fatigue.
  • The missing explanation to why you may be constantly feeling tired. Hint: it is not adrenal fatigue.
  • Three key areas of your life you can change today to restore your energy.
  • My favorite apps and tools I use to recharge myself and to stay strong and focused through long, busy days as I juggle through my own personal and professional life.
  • BONUS: Get a free copy of my ebook on "simple strategies for stress management" when you register for the webinar. You will find this book valuable and complementary to what I will be covering in this training.